Saturday, March 15, 2014

Pet Rocks

My oldest, Buck, has a class project called "mini society" coming up next week.  Each student in the second grade has to make 50 items (from things around the house) to "sell" to each other using "classroom" money that they've earned for various jobs and good behavior in class. It's a giant lesson in economics for 8 year olds.

Buck decided to make pet rocks - a perennial favorite from the 70's.
We've spent our Saturday as his lackeys - but it has actually been very fun.

First: we collected a giant pile of rocks (a big thanks to our friends who offered some landscaping rocks to us)

 Second: The boys washed the rocks with soap and water and got very wet.

Third: We collected our supplies as the rocks dried completely

feathers and glue

pom poms and pipe cleaners

acrylic paint. 

Fourth: We created!! All of the boys got involved and RKZ and I were complete suckers for the project. It was very fun to make little faces on these silly rocks. 

C wanted to paint, so he's dressed in a trashbag. 

It took about 3 hours to finish all of the pets. Buck is very excited to start selling next week! He even added a "for charity" group of rocks where he's going to donate his earnings back to the teacher to give to a friend who was in the hospital and didn't have a chance to earn dollars. 

"Bob" our first pet rock. 

I'll be adding some bling to the pink rocks. We forgot to buy jewels at Hobby Lobby. 

the boys are hoping the Peyton Mannings go quickly. 

Can you find Mother Teresa? Part of our charity collection ;) 

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