Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Beginning Renovations…again (sigh)

We recently moved to Colorado. I've mentioned that. I think I also mentioned that we spent the previous three years in Southern California - and all three of them in nearly a constant state of "reno." "Reno" (pron: Reh-noe) is the shorthand Canadians use for the full word "Renovation." It's only funny because my parents live in Reno (Pron: "Ree-noe") and I always thought Canadians were talking about Reno, NV when they were discussing construction on their homes. Very confusing for literal old me.

Anyway, after six months of bliss living in our current home, we've decided to undergo a full reno beginning April 7. Yes, within the span of about three weeks, we need to fully pack and move our home (again), move our necessities into a two bedroom apartment and set up things like internet and cable. Just for fun, we are spending one of those three weeks visiting our friends and family in Southern Cal. It's Spring Break and all. We leave Friday.

So, my house currently looks like this:

Well, C is dressed now, but you get the picture. 

I have nearly finished packing the entire kitchen and one of the boys' bedrooms. 

Did I mention that my husband leaves for a work trip tomorrow at 5am? He gets back Thursday late. Just in time to leave for Cal. 

Self-inflicted torture, brought to you by Bridgette. 

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