Monday, March 10, 2014

Lighthouse Fundraiser

Although I'm trying to post everyday, I'm a bit behind as RKZ is out of town for a few days with work. Even though my mom is here to help, the load of things going on hasn't slowed. 

Saturday night, I was very excited to attend a fundraising Gala for a local charity that helps women struggling with unplanned pregnancies as well as the financial concerns of single mothers. The organization is called The Lighthouse and it was a fun and amazing night. There were over 800 people filling an airplane hanger turned museum. Also, there was an open bar. Good all around except that RKZ wasn't there. 

I sent him this selfie just to let him know what he was missing ;) 

 Our hostess for the evening showing off her sparkly shoes (moms get excited about dressing up)

My date, Julie,  showing off her sparkly dress (not really, I made her take pictures). 

We also were there with friends we met while we lived in Calgary! This shot also shows off the hanger-ness of the place. 

 The speaker was a 36 year old woman named Gianna Jessen who was the inspiration behind the movie "October Baby." Gianna survived a saline abortion and is subsequently living with Cerebal Palsy.  She was a very passionate speaker but was insistent that her life be defined with joy and not bitterness. She stated numerous times: "I am not a victim." I really liked her. 

As a table, we bought a weekend at a resort. I'll be sure to post about that when the time comes (hopefully sooner rather than later!) RKZ definitely needs to come to these fundraisers to save himself some money!!

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