Monday, March 31, 2014

"Give a little time to me"

Because I've just started blogging again,  I completely took the week off when we went on vacation last week. Also, I didn't want to travel with my computer. It was good to have some time away and now I also have a week's worth of posts to write!! (with a few reviews thrown in - yeah!!) 

I have decided to start "tweaking" the blog a bit since I miss my old blog post titles being verses from songs - but I also like the idea of mixing it up a bit. The other tweak is that I'm going to email blast out to my family and friends to get the readership up (I'm such a pro, now - ha. ha.) 

Today, H-P had his first ophthalmology appointment. Looks like glasses for another brother!! 

H-P's iPhone shot of Mommy with a Mickey Mouse sticker. 

Eyes are blurry from drops but you can't tell with my crazy boy!!

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