Sunday, March 16, 2014

Irish Eyes are Smiling 2014

We literally never do anything on St. Patrick's Day. It has to have been around 8 years since RKZ and I stepped foot in a bar for this festive day. If I recall correctly, we downloaded Irish music onto my iPod last year and had a "family dance party" with our boys. Maybe they got haircuts from their dad. 


This year, we had not one but TWO "parties" to attend. One hosted by people who sent an actual invitation through the mail. I felt like a princess - a princess soaking in Guinness, but a princess none the less. 

Our first event was more of a dinner at the Knight's of Columbus hall in CO Springs. RKZ's parents (the Duke and Duchess) were in charge of the corned beef and cabbage. The rumor is that they cooked it in the KOC hall oven all night at 200 degrees. 

The Duchess always decks herself out beautifully. 

I'm not working very hard at becoming a food blogger, but I thought I'd give it a shot in honor of St. P. RKZ loved the traditional meal. I'm not a nitrated, fatty meat girl, so I always balk at the corned beef - but it did have a nice salty goodness that goes well with Bud Light and/or Guinness. 

The highlight of the night was getting the cousins together. My boys ADORE their teen (and preT) cousins. H-P is also obsessed with the "shocka" symbol at the moment. 

Oldest and Youngest on the Grady side 

Pahina after 4 hours of gymnastics. 
It was almost like old times - but kinda' better.
 St. Patrick's shenanigans continued tomorrow. 

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