Sunday, March 23, 2014

Why I hate United Airlines part 1

Our family is traveling. I am furiously trying to figure out how to blog well on an iPad .
Sorry that you are my guinea pigs.

we've come back to so cal for spring break and it's going well (if slowly) so far.

I must put out there that I HATE United Airlines.

Why? We'll, I bought our tickets 2 months ago on-lline and there was no option to choose seats together without paying hundreds of dollars extra for the econo plus seats. Friday, I checked in our family of 5 a full twenty-four hours early and STILL no option of seats anywhere near each other. RKZ was actually not even given a seat assignment. We figured that we would be able to get it settled when we spoke to an agent. But, when we arrived at the counter, we had to print out our boarding passes at a kiosk where the agent only handed us baggage claim stickers. (On a side note, I payed $75 dollars for our bags when I first checked in on-line. It turns put that I shouldn't have had to pay for the third bag -car seats- but the agent "wasn't able to refund the money at this counter". Are you kidding me?)

When we arrived at the gate, the agent said, "I took you all off of the over-sold list and got you 2 seats in one row, two seats in another and one seat by itself." What? I proceeded to get very angry. Who should sit alone? My eight year old? My three year old? Should we have our five and eight year old sit together alone on an 8 o'clock flight? And what about the fact that we checked in 24 hours ahead?? Over-sold? What in the hell?

Of course, there was no one to complain to. The 15 year old agent was innocently confused and waiting in the customer service line would have made us miss our flight. Rkz recommended waiting for the flight attendants to sort it all out.

Long story longer - HP and I stood in the aisle until very last person was on the plane. They had double booked my seat so I didn't even have a place to sit. Buck and Coo did have to sit alone at first. But, throughout the course of the flight, two strangers, RKZ and Buck all switched seats at least once. It was only a two hour flight. Buck was in tears because he didn't want to sit with strangers and RKZ was irate.

On a positive note, the flight attendants were genuinely nice. They really tried to help us but were stymied by the airline's different policies. I will GO OUT of my way never to fly United again. But most of us fall victim to there huge amount of carriers and numbers of flights. And when I am forced to fly them again, I'll just be grateful for the flight attendants.

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