Thursday, March 13, 2014

Pinewood Derby 2014

Before kids, I never wondered if people were still doing things like the Pinewood Derby. I didn't think about it too much or reflect on the 100,000s of people who were living lives very much outside of drinking and going to the beach (my two regular pastimes outside of work).  So, I am a bit of a dork about the simple family things now.

RKZ was out of town, so my mom (Ma Joad) was on hand to witness the competition! (This is our school parking lot)

Pack 263 Pinewood Derby sign. Buck competed as a Scout and C and H-P were in the sibling category. 

Taking it very seriously, obviously.

The pack had to rent the track and equipment from a local Boy Scout Troop. They also run all the high-tech (seriously) software for the race. 

Uncle (RKZ's brother) is a whiz with the wood saw, so he helped the boys make their cars (family-oriented). The blue car with the stripe down the middle is H-P's car. The golden "100" car with the Lego mini figure is C's. 

18 - for Peyton Manning - is Buck's car. Obviously, the Lego figures made another appearance. Sadly, they fly out of the cars if not glued down and the Boy Scouts took them out before the races. 

Their are 6 heats for each car because each track can be faster or slower and the average of all the races decides the winner. 

The race took about 1 1/2 hour total and it was fun to watch the boys cheer as they each won a race (or came in 2nd or 3rd). 

H-P was pretty tired toward the end (note the Sherman toy from the new Peabody movie). 

Participation Award 1!! 

Participation 2 and 3!! 
We didn't win anything officially, but the boys had a great time and they were excited for their first races in Colorado. We only missed RKZ (who was sadly in San Diego for "work"). 
Sometimes the most simple things are the most fun. 

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