Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Paddy's Day Slump

Anyone else 100% done with St. Patrick's day already? I was sitting and watching the E! News people  take drinks whenever they said the word mystery word: "Awesome" (BTW - steal my Oscars drinking game much?) and I all I could think was, "Isn't St. Patrick's Day over?" Just a little tired from constant packing of our home (more Renovation news tomorrow) and over-tired toddlers. 

Very proud of our Irish car commercial, though :) 

Our St. P's party hostess, a new friend - KOK (and her husband, POK not pictured). 

"More corned beef?" 
"Stop taking my picture!" 

and, "No, that's not Sprite I'm drinking!" 

This is how we rock St. P's day: 
 Moms in the hood are always hard
Come talking that trash and we'll pull your card...

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