Thursday, March 6, 2014

Stitch Fix - 1

I have a shopping problem. Or, maybe I have a fashion problem. I think it stems from the fact that I had literally no fashion sense as a child. Blame it on Catholic School Uniforms, the fact that I only had brothers or the fact that I had 4 of those brothers (and not an excess of family income to shop) but I just had no sense of what to wear or what looked remotely good on me.

Case in point:

Family photo circa 1986

I mean, seriously awesome lavender sateen shirt and skirt. Also love the permed hair
This is a great shot of our family, though (and Gma J, God rest her soul). 

Almost in reaction to the YEARS I spent with abysmal style (no laughing, old friends) throughout High School and University, the minute I made some money - very little teacher money - I spent it on another collection of the worst overly "in style" clothes ever. 

Ok, I don't think this outfit is very "in style" but I was very fond of that red and white striped skirt. I just like this picture because it's nearly the same people about 10 or so years later (maybe 15 - again with the math!).  But even as a "working woman" I had very little idea of what fit me and my shape and my goals (such a 90's and 2000's thing to say). 

I had a bit of a fashion epiphany around 30. I loved 30. I think I finally gave myself permission to have the body of a woman and I started researching which designers and trends fit me instead of the other way around. I also stopped obsessing with Sports Illustrated swim suit models and decided that who I am and what I am worth is so much more than boobs and butts and hair extensions. I wanted to dress beautifully because I like beautiful clothes and because I want to show the world that my appearance means a lot to me. I like dressing up to show other people that being in relationship with them means a lot to me. I like to "dress up" for life. I think living is a pretty big deal and sometimes I like to put on outfits that reflect that. 

Sometimes, I wear yoga pants and don't shower. I'm an enigma. And I still don't have a lot of time to follow new trends. 

Five months ago, I found a great site. Stitch Fix is a web site where you fill out a "fashion profile" and stylist puts together a box of about 5 goodies. They send a new box every month (you can set a preference of how often/little you receive a box). You also get to set price points and preferences, so it's not like a limitless supply of things no one can afford. You choose what you want from the box and send back what you don't. 

 I wanted to blog about this because I love getting a box of trendy (or semi-trendy) clothes based on my preferences. The first box was a "french toast" moment where some of the things didn't fit or were strange but you also rate and explain what you like and don't so successive fixes become increasingly better. 

Here is this month's fix: 
First, the box arrives via USPS

There is a little personalized note from the stylist (I've had 3 different stylists) 

There are "style idea" cards for each piece they send. 

I love this shirt. It's a cap sleeved blouse in actual silk. Awesome for the summer. 

My mom (current photographer) shot this picture of me in another of the shirts they sent. I've requested no pants for a few months because I have more than enough jeans and yoga pants :) This is one of the sweat shirts they sent in stripes and the color of the season - mint green/light teal
My son is wearing a t-shirt and hurley shorts ;) 

I'm still not the world's most fashionable woman, but it's fun to have someone choosing some cute trendy things for me lately. 

FYI, I sent back one of the shirts because its just didn't work for me. There is a pre-paid USPS envelope and I was able to buy everything else on-line. 

I'm back to novels and movies in the next few posts. Can't wait to see Twelve Years A Slave

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