Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter 2014

Here's what happened at Easter. The boys and I after Mass.

Probably our closest Colorado friends - OL and Coors and their kids. 

Yes, it is always this crazy with them. 

After Mass, we headed to the Duke and Duchess' house (Gma and Gpa) for Easter with the cousins! 

Fab Egg hunt orchestrated by Uncle and Aunt S

This was our first Easter with the Grady/Bussone cousins! 

"Found it"

Uncle and Aunt S had a master list so nothing was lost! 

Pahina with her Princess eggs

My sister-in-law Hebber and I enjoy the hot weather! 

The Duchess shows off Marky-Mark's deviled eggs

Hebber and Marky-Mark

I was SO GRATEFUL that the Duchess made such a wonderful Easter Meal


By far the most popular meal. The kids even ate this up with it's fresh Basil from the garden! 

Jesus and chocolate. Is there anything better? 

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