Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Friday movin' (2014 edition)

Our family moves more than any family I know personally. What's funny (strange, not ha ha) is that I was adamant that I would not be the kind of family that moved all over the place after living a childhood of that very thing. God laughs at my plans. He also know that moving to the places we have has been life-changing for me and all of my boys. But, this current move is totally just basic materialism and a need for me to love my "space" (still from California in my heart). 

We flew home from Spring Break and immediately started moving. Thanks for RKZ's brother, Uncle, and a new good friend, Coors, I only had to finish packing 100's of boxes while the men did the heavy lifting. 
We rented a Uhaul for the furniture going to our apartment

Wrapped up like professionals

We rented 2 pods for the remainder of our house (and hired professional movers to carry 80% of our stuff into them). 

A fleet of trucks to take the odds and ends

Coors and RKZ piled in most of the furniture and boxes. Young Uncle had to do a lot of the physical side :)

Our new "home sweet home" - a 2 bedroom apartment near the elementary school. 

Our Master (aka: "where the magic happens" according to RKZ). Note the walk-in (but still small) closet 

My new kitchen and office area. This compact organization makes me so happy, it's ridiculous. I am an OCD psycho. To the left (the doors with the arm on them) is our laundry closet. Moms of young (or now older) kids will appreciate that my entire life will be lived in this room until August - and I'm ok with that because it means less mess!! 

The view from our patio. The apartment is on a large park with chirping crickets and frogs. It's really lovely and makes the home seem much more open. The boys play back here a lot already by hopping our fence. 

And lastly, a bit of a video on the Pope's activities last night. Love. Also, I'm happy I learned to imbed videos! 

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