Thursday, April 17, 2014

LEGOLAND (2014) -- And Happy Holy Thursday!

If you've read my post on the Lego Movie, you are well aware that our boys have an undying love affair with all things Lego. We play Lego, watch Lego shows, carry Lego mini figures around continuously (only H-P at this point) and our dog even has copious amounts of mini heads coming out with his poop. Legoland, indeed. 

So it goes almost without saying (how would I blog about it without saying?) that we went to Legoland while on our trip. We met up with some old California friends (old in time, not age) and proceeded to have an amazing time. 

the Legoland hotel has been open for about a year. We drove down from the OC, but we will definitely be booking into it sometime this summer! There are so many cute Lego themed things to do just in the hotel. And it was not at all crowded - a big change from certain other theme parks! 

 Eventually, we made it into the actual park. The friends we met up with have 2 girls the same ages as Buck and C. They were all school friends while we lived in California. We were good friends with the entire family. 

One of the best things about L land is the amount of fun rides and activities that are available for a wide range of kids. Even H-P was able to ride most everything! 
C and H-P driving. H-P would get laughs for running into things, so he kept crashing. 

Buck and his buddy Ri-Ri were great drivers. Buck even stopped at all the stoplights. We all decided he can get his license and drive the other crazies around. 

There were a lot of rides where parents were required to ride with the shorties. 

My beautiful friend, Mich (like fish). 

Mich's hubby and daughter. He's also a friend but I can't think of a catchy name for him. "The Man", maybe? 

Mommy gets in the picture with her wild man. 
By far a favorite is the splash park. It's right in the middle of the park and there are even bathing suits for sale (of course). These are most of our kids going crazy in the water. 

Last, but not least, are the "apple fries and cream" that I've only ever seen available at Lland. They are very good and hit the spot while the kids climbed in a giant play land. Mich and The Man turned me on to them and they didn't disappoint. 

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