Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Whale Watching in Newport

I have been whale watching a few times in my life -- Hawaii, Mexico and Victoria (off the coast of British Columbia). Each of these tours shares the common thread that any whales I saw were tiny blobs of black very far off in the distance. So, when my cousin, Rey, told us that she had recently been on a whale watching field trip with her son and had seen A TON of whales and dolphin, RKZ and I jumped at the chance

We chose Newport Landing Whale Watching mainly because it was the closest to where we were staying and because the friends coming with us had a coupon. It was a great choice. 

The day was overcast and a little rainy - a perfect day for watching whales. A girlfriend and her boys joined us for the trip. 

I honestly think that the boys were more interested in the cabin of the ship at first. 

RKZ and the boys loved checking out the view and searching for sea life 

C loved looking out for things. 

 H-P tried to figure out the binoculars

First, we saw sea lions hanging out. The boys were thrilled. 

Then, we saw a giant pod of dolphin! 

They estimated over 100 dolphin were in this pod. I couldn't capture on film how incredible it was as the dolphin swam in the wakes our boat created. It was too fun to watch! 

After about an hour, we were a bit discouraged that we hadn't seen any whales. Our boat headed back and then we were surprised by this! 

It was a wonderful trip and my first REAL whale experience. 

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  1. Good you were able to see the whale, but the dolphins are the best.