Monday, April 14, 2014

Where have you gone, Mrs. Robinson? Jesus loves you more than you will know

After a quick review of past posts, I am going to make a concerted effort to double check my their/there/they're use. So many mistakes!! Don't judge me teacher and editor friends!! 

Our first full day in California was spent with family, so, of course, I barely got any pictures. Too busy talking and catching up. We did get to Mass and hung out with one of our favorite Priests, Fr. Pat R at St. Norberts. We even bumped into a few friends at Mass (and after). 

It was much colder in So Cal than I expected. We did not hit the 90 degree + temps that seem to have hovered over the region. I am a classic weather jinx and bring unseasonable temps and weather wherever I go. It actually rained in a state plagued with drought almost the entire time we were there. Lucky! Here I am in my uncle G's jacket from the 70's. Such a fashionista! 

Everybody loves a fire, but a fire with wine and girl talk? The best. It was so nice to reconnect to my amazing cousins and Aunt on our first few days in Cal. 

Whale watching post tomorrow! And yes, we actually SAW whales! 

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