Thursday, April 24, 2014

Renovation Thursday #1 - Sledghammer

Will I ever be able to keep count of my renovation posts? Doubtful. It will help that I'm going to try and keep our Re-no posts to Thursdays. If you're interested in the transformation of our house, Thursday is your day. I'm thinking I'll start with the front door and how our entry way has changed in the last few weeks. 
Our front door from the left side (looking in)

Our front door/entryway and upper powder room from the right side 

The "view" from our front door. Amazing, I know. 

Behind that white wall and console with my purse, used to be this - our dining room. 
They have taken down the walls the surrounded that dining room and now the view from the front door is...

…this as of two days ago. The plywood is covering a hole that will be stairs to our basement. The table  previously stood where the plywood is now.  

RKZ showing the boys the "drop"

Keep on Slammin' - I'll probably add a bit more tomorrow.

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