Friday, April 25, 2014

Fashion-ish Friday: What to Wear to sign loan documents :)

Another "What to Wear" that's never covered - Moms going to meetings in actual businesses while still dealing with potty-training toddlers and sticky-fingered preschoolers (too long for the blog title). It's warmer here and I love dressing like spring is a real thing. We're sputtering into spring in Colorado (snow forecasted for Sunday or Monday), so I'm wearing all the open toed shoes I can get. 
I love long white jeans if I think I'll have help with the kids during the day (RKZ will be at the meeting). The pink tunic is Old Navy. That store is really upping it's game this year, I think.

The lovely background is our apartment in it's rough stages. We'll be hanging pictures any minute! OK, maybe in August.

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