Wednesday, February 19, 2014


These are my people on vacation at the Aulani resort in Hawaii (sans Goofy). RKZ, my hub. Coo, who is currently 5 and trying to learn to smile. HP, 2. All things 2. Buck, who's 8 and myself. I am 44 and enjoy when I actually can shower, do my hair and wear make up on the same day.

We also have a dog - a mini golden doodle named Kirby. He's anywhere from 6 - 9 months old currently but I am not ever going to do the math. I didn't enjoy counting out how old my kids are in months. If I didn't do it for the kids, I won't be doing it for a dog. 

This is where we live. We moved in last August (ugh, more math) and we are beginning major renovations in April. Lots more to add there. 

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