Saturday, February 22, 2014

Old Friends and Ancient Rites

    I had the great joy of reconnecting with some old friends from college last night. I don't know if it's a universal experience to have an enormous sense of peace and "this is so right" when running into people who knew you a long time ago. After what seems like years of moving and  searching out friends (with some good and bad results), it was amazing to feel so comfortable with a group of women I hadn't seen in person in over 20 years. I am just so grateful to know women who are comfortable with who they are; who love life and revel in their dignity and gifts. And they enjoy the gifts and accomplishments of the women they know! (Photo credit to my photog-crush, Aleli C)! 
Martha, Nisan, myself and Aleli enjoying Martha's beautiful home and one another.

 This morning, my oldest made his first Reconciliation. He was so happy to do a "second Sacrament." His brothers were happy that they got a tour of the confessional and were able to turn the lights on and off (red for "busy" and green for "come on in!")

Our Pastor, Fr. Alvaro, was his First Confessor. He's the oldest of 5 and a major practical joker.

Buck's halo of holiness

bunny ears for the crazies! 

**Tomorrow, I will begin reviewing some popular novels with movies coming out soon. I'll try to answer the questions: "Do I want to read this? and or  "Do I want my kids to read it?**

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