Friday, February 28, 2014

Bourgeois Friday Fashions

One of the things about blogs that makes me laugh is the crazy amount of beautiful young (or older) people with fabulous lives who look fabulous all the time. I semi-regularly follow 2 blogs of women in their late 20's or early 30's and every other post is them looking SUPER stylish as they jaunt around New York (Kat) and/or London (The Londoner). Obviously, I am drawn to these blogs because they have NO resemblance to my own life. Also, their pictures help me craft similar-ish outfits out of my Target and Old Navy filled closet. Please notice that each of these blogs have little pictures at the bottom of the posts where the reader might "click and shop." My single constant question is "how do these girls afford all of this stuff?" Prada bags? TopShop staples? New items every week? 

So, I have decided to make Fridays into "Bourgeois Friday Fashions" with Bridgette. I will post whatever I wear (and whether or not I showered) and you can feel free to run down to Target or the Gap and buy whatever I'm wearing :) 

This first post is a bit of a cheat because I actually wore it last Friday but my photographers (kids) couldn't figure out my camera to take a picture of today's style statement. 

Last Friday, I did shower. My ensemble is a Gap cable knit sweater over a stitch fix skirt. I will have to discuss stitch fix next week. In these amazing photos, I am barefoot, but I wore the cow-boy inspired booties with this stunner. 

This is a real woman in her 40's at the end of a long day…Some of us are really too old for selfies

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  1. I love you. That is all. (Elizabeth from yyc)