Thursday, February 27, 2014

Our new kitchen choices

Even though I have no real readers, I've committed myself to blogging every day. Of course, t's only been three days, I've already missed a post so I will post twice today (hooray for the 2 people who see this!! ;) 

We recently moved to Denver, Colorado. We really like it and it was a good move even if it was very unplanned and last minute. I preface with this because we moved from Southern California where we had only lived for the past 3 years (long story for a later post). While in Southern California, our family lived in a home undergoing renovations for the entire 3 years. Seriously, the front yard was finished about 1 week before we sold our home to a lovely couple of very wealthy 20 year olds (no lie). 

Before we moved, I swore I would move into a home that needed no renovations (or very few that could be put off for years). I swore I wouldn't compromise. I swore I would never move again. 

This is what I get for swearing. 

We did find a home in a great location very close to my hub's work. It has a large yard. It is on a green space with just enough grass and trees for 3 little boys and a dog and it's about 1 block from the new Trader Joe's (very important to only me). Of course, it needs to be completely renovated. Like, every. single. inch. will be changed. I'm tempted to pretend that it's not mainly because I'm such a princess. Let's just say that's not the only reason we're renovating. There are basic changes that will help a lot - like finishing the basement and putting in a mudroom/pantry so that jackets, boots and cases of toilet paper don't fill my kitchen anymore. It will just be a prettier mudroom than is probably necessary. 
Oh, and while we're at it, we're redoing the kitchen. 

Here is what we've chosen so far (this is info strictly for Kathy):  The door is the shape we've chosen for our cupboards. They will be stained the darker color on the bottom. The bottom of the island will be the beige color on near the door. The backsplash will be the stacked stone. We have a great, quiet granite for the kitchen counters and working/prep island. The 2nd island is more a casual dining table and will be covered in a cherry wood. 

I did a really bad job of documenting our last reno, but this one I'd like to remember because I hope it will be my last. 

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  1. Love it all. Am so happy to share all this with you again.