Tuesday, February 25, 2014


We survive Tuesdays around our house. Monday seems like a great day to organize and finish up what we didn't do on Sunday. Wednesday, I have a ladies' group and I sit around and talk about myself with other women, so that's great …but Tuesdays are a long parade of things to do and appointments with some dry cleaning or grocery trips just for fun. 

When we do have a moment or two to spare, we go to an indoor play place. Each time I take the boys, I'm amazed at how much these places can get away with charging when it's the only place to take small, crazy children in Denver (if the weather is below zero). Our local 'Little Monkey Bizness' is $11/child! There are climbing structures and bouncy castles and there is an art room - but I feel like for $22, I should at least get a cup of coffee thrown in. Or mandated play friends for the kids. Or a car wash. Or 15 minutes to myself. Instead, I normally get an irate mom of a 12 month old little girl telling me, "Your son pushed past my baby and didn't say sorry."  When I just sit there staring, she will add, "She fell." 

I have - literally - no response to this. 

I'm sure whichever son it was didn't even notice her baby on his way to blow up the death star/climbing fort. Neither boy would push down a baby on purpose. I honestly think that some moms are horrified by the fact that my sons don't notice their babies. I don't really think their children falling really bugs them (because toddlers fall. It's what they do). It's like a pre-pre school popularity contest. Because everyone knows that they cool kids were never pushed down. And so, I just stare.

So, we go to the art room and make pictures I never remember to take home from the drying rack. 

Mom of the year.

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