Sunday, February 23, 2014

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

The other day, I received a message in my inbox to "Read it Before I see it." The email listed very popular books which would soon be coming out as movies (always a crap shoot as far as I'm concerned). I was ridiculously excited that I've already read most of the books on the list - mainly because I've been feeling very out of the literary loop these days. I probably AM out of the loop considering it takes about 2 years to make a movie and some of the books I've just read.

Regardless, the list got me thinking that I'd like to give my "Bourg" take to these books. It's difficult to decide what to read with the limited time we have in our lives, and this blog probably won't help you. But it might help you if your son or daughter wants to read a book and you find yourself wondering if that is a good idea. Of course, as always, take all of my opinions with a grain of salt.

**Also, I will try to avoid even mini confusing spoilers but sometimes that's impossible. If you can't take knowing ANYTHING about a book before you read it, you might not want to read these posts**

 I read Gone Girl  in the summer 2 years ago (keep that in mind) but I can still remember it in surprising detail. This book really sticks with you for a number of reasons. I normally jot down my thoughts about a book in my journal as soon as I finish it. Here is what I wrote the night I finished Gone Girl
…it was good but one honked up book. I have become the stuff of pop culture - all my quotes - all the 'stuff' and rerun memories of my life…they were all there in a dysfunctional mess. A sociopath having a baby with a 'hollow man' - awesomely sad.
That quote seriously sums it up for me. Gone Girl is a murder mystery, psychological "thriller"(easy on the thriller), an advanced type of chick-lit and commentary on modern relationships all rolled into one. This is the only book I've read by Flynn, but I think she is an excellent writer or has a fabulous editor. The book is fast-paced and difficult to put down. Plot? In a sentence, 2 unreliable, married narrators delve into the disappearance of the wife on their 5th wedding anniversary (yes, one of the narrators is the wife).

Negatives? Are all very subjective to my preferences in my Bourg opinion. The characters in this novel are indeed "honked up" - crazy, dysfunctional, completely narcissistic and as lost as modern man can get. If you normally avoid people who make bad choices and you yell at the TV when a character does something irrational, don't read this book. But, if you can get past other people's crazy and you are fascinated by the insane choices people make and how they turn out, you'll like it. Particularly if you have an obsession with Pop culture. If you like tripping down memory lane with references, this is the book for you.

But, it's sad. You will not want to pattern your life after anyone in this book. It will surprise you and (probably) shock you a little. Or, you might know some people who are similar to the characters. In that case, I actually feel a bit sorry for you - or them (weak smile here). There are interesting commentaries on contemporary relationships that just made me feel sick to my stomach because they are true and tragic. But I liked all of that. I also like sticking my tongue into those little sores I get in my mouth, so do what you will with that.

Should your teens or pre-teens read it? Only if they are already on a steady diet of Dr. Phil and/or those radio shows where people call up to discuss sexual intimacies with the entire world (I'm not being sarcastic here). I don't think anyone male would be to into this book, but I can guess they'd want to see the movie.

Speaking of which, the movie will be released Oct. 3, 2014 and stars Ben Affleck. The rumor is that the ending has been changed. I actually liked the ending of the book (as much as you can emotionally "like" anything in this book) but it doesn't surprise me that it won't hold up in a movie.


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