Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Fault in Our Stars - John Green

I finished this novel last night. I sobbed like a baby through the last 5 chapters.

If you don't know about this book yet, ask anyone under the age of 17. Plot - Two teens with cancer (or recovering from) fall in love.

There is a bit more to the plot than that, but major spoilers would result. The writing is wonderful (more pop references which are a little more "English teacher" than "teenager"). It was recommended to me by a 13 year old niece/cousin. She told me, "This is my favorite book - ever." High praise from a beautiful, athletic (read busy) honor student.

There is sufficient angst, melodrama and coming-of-age to make this into a classic young adult fiction. It also deals well with illness and mortality even if it offers very little in the way of hope or answers (just the way teens like it). If you are familiar with the Judy Blume book "Forever", there is a splash of that, for sure (even if Green didn't mean this). But I am really happy I read this book. I loved the characters. I cried as much for the parents as the teens. It is honest and quite lovely, actually.

Would I let my teenager read it? Content? Sex, death, eternal questions with mortal answers. I think answers will vary by teenager (like everything).

The movie will be released June 6. It makes me sad that a lot of people won't read the book because of this.

Watch the trailer here:

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