Tuesday, February 18, 2014

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(reprinted from a July 13, 2009 FB entry with edits)

     So I'm about as Bourgeois as they get: 3 kids, I drive a mini van. I do a lot of laundry and watch too much TV. But, every now and then I get to the movies or I crack open a book. Love both of these things and have very little time to do either. Not a big fan of gossip, but I don't deplore it in other people.

Being bourgeois and all, I have a great tendency toward irony - makes me feel better about myself, I guess. But I don't generally hold the opinion that I'm better or smarter than everyone I meet (I meet a lot of good and smart people). BUT (you knew that was coming), the instances that I feel unrepresented (shall we say) are normally in the area of film and literary critiques (not "criticism", mind you - I'm talking the newspaper, not Norton). So, I decided to start a book and movie club with myself... talking about things the way bourgeois people (like myself) do, ie: "I spent a lot of money for this or a lot of time reading it, so was it any GOOD?"

Some things to know about my tastes (if you're going to bother reading this): I can find something good in most movies and books; I don't mind an unhappy ending if it makes sense and has a point; I tend toward the uber-geeky science fiction-fantasy but don't constantly live there; I think that if an ending is incoherent that does not immediately make great art; also, politicization for politicization's sake pisses me off. Lastly, I refuse to watch Renee Zellwiger (sp?) in anything - squinting is not acting.

If I can get this blog thing down, I will start a list of things I have just read/watched!

I also do not claim that this entire blog will not be about myself, my family and my choices toward all things middle class. To quote a great artist: "I work hard for the money. So hard for it, honey. I work hard for the money so you better treat me right."


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