Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Unintentionally Confusing Renovation Pictures

I know that renovation pictures can be ridiculously confusing. Still, I like to see them - mostly just before and afters. We don't have any "afters" yet - just "currently." They are confusing and I'm sorry. But I wanted to get another collection of renovation shots out here for everyone. Slow and Steady Wins the Race, right?

 Our kitchen in its former oaken glory. We salvaged some of the cabinets for the basement bar and donated the others to a local Church.
Our kitchen was a little-ish galley kitchen with ALOT of little cabinets. Not my style but also not super practical. And that center island made more than one cook impossible. We saved the island and granite (ish) for downstairs as well.

This is a shot of after demo in the kitchen. That big square space was a pantry/hall closet/mudroom combo (that's what we had made it, anyway). It was an overused space that desperately needed to be ripped out. We sold the fridge on craigs list. We are seriously trying not to just throw away everything.

This shot is a little later than the one above it from the other side (Coo is basically standing where the fridge was). We are adding that wall in order to tuck a large farm sink and open shelves for everyday dishes behind. That way, if we have a party, all of the mess can go behind the wall so I don't have to stare at it.

This picture seems out of place, but it's actually on the OTHER side of the kitchen (the windows in the shots above will be gone and this space will be behind them. The space to the far left is a one car garage and the space on the right will be a new mudroom and pantry. It will make more sense later.
 I have to quickly add these shots (not kitchen related). This is Buck's old room and will now be our guest room. We've added a powder room (3/4) bath.

 This is our newly framed Master bathroom. It was taken from our old bath footprint and a little of H-P's room (which is now just a closet, sorry H-P)
 For some reason, the old guest bathroom had only a shower. We've removed the shower and the cabinet that was next to it, and we're adding a large tub/shower combo.

More tomorrow as I return to the blogosphere!! Hi to Jessica and Peyton!! We'd love to have you visit anytime after August ;) - that's when the house is done - we hope.

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