Saturday, June 14, 2014

Renovation moving on!

Summer is in FULL SWING for us (I have a lot of pictures to prove it) but I've heard from a few people that they are more interested in what's up with the house. The Reno is in full swing too. I don't have a good supply of "before" pictures - I'll wait until the big reveal for that so that I can get these shots up. 
 The basement is fully framed in and electrical (to make it very light) is almost done.
 basement bar (notice the soffits above)

 This is the bottom of the new staircase (coming from old dining room). There is a new powder room1/4 bath under the stairs.
 Adorable baby catching a nap while we meet with the electrician (poor kid)
 This is the current view from our kitchen toward the backyard (that's RKZ looming in the shot). They have raised the ceiling height and added a new covered patio.
 What used to be an 8 foot celling is now 10. A large slider is going into the door space. The furthest framing is the new patio.
 another view from the kitchen back. 

 Next to our kitchen, we have a new garage (pictures follow). This will be our mudroom and pantry.
 If you are standing in the new garage, this is the view of the mudroom. But, the door is actually toward the front. This was a framing problem that is already fixed

 view of the new back covered patio. There is a full wall next to the tree.
 view from the back yard toward the house.
 Patio vault

Sorry that there isn't more detail. I have to run to Buck's baseball game. Ahh, summer.

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