Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Altar and Rosary Society Spring Tea

You know you're getting older when you spend an entire weekend working for the "Altar and Rosary Society" Spring tea. You know that and the fact that ladies in their 70's (plus) aren't normally the most time-efficient planners. A girlfriend and I have offered to take over the spring tea for next year, so this year we shadowed the current planners - ladies who have been organizing the event for 7 years or so. I get myself into the most interesting situations. 
 The AR president and one of the co-cordinators organizing the kids' gift bags. This year, the ladies were disappointed with the 80-woman turn out. Last year, they had 179ish.
 O-E will be my co-cooridnator next year. Here, she pretends to sample the 200 scones hand baked by one of the ladies.
 I will be in charge of the food and O-E will be in charge of the space/decor. The ladies have fairly high standards and only use real china and silver for the tea…of course. ;)
All proceeds and donations currently go to the woman's shelter nearest the parish. The quilt-maker arm of the AR makes all the quilts to be donated.

Did I mention that I LOVE elderly ladies? This event made me feel like I was living a novel, somehow.
Because it's not at all thrilling, I will have more pictures tomorrow of the actual day.

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