Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Denver Kid's Museum

This summer has already been so incredibly busy. The random posts are just another sign of the crazy. Wait till I have a house and an office. You'll be sick of me...
We have a medium-sized Children's museum here in Denver. It's downtown and only took about a 30 minute drive from our apartment.

H-P is in a fireman phase. He wants to climb on every fire truck he sees. Also, he loves the outfit :) Who doesn't?
Bucks' amazing flip flop slide down the fireman pole.

One of my favorite sections of the museum is the "make it yourself" section. There are real tools and a bunch of recycled materials for the kids to make things. It seems innately dangerous, but fun too. Coo just wanted to hammer nails into little pieces of wood.
Buck making a telescope out of toilet paper rolls.
H-P loved using the most dangerous, obscure (to me) things.
We moved on to the ball chamber where the kids made tracks to keep balls moving through vacuum powered pipes. I think we were there for over an hour.
Coo especially loved the ball space. He made a lot of friends as they worked on their tracks.
 Lastly, we hit the bubble room. The big boys made giant bubbles out of bubble fluid.

H-P found the train room next to the bubble space. He was so happy! 

There are even more happenings around the house with the renovation. We are prepping for a big trip back East and a few weeks away from our apartment. Happy Days ahead!!

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