Saturday, June 7, 2014

Neighbors - the movie

RKZ and I have the incredible fortune of a summer (home-from-college) babysitter. She comes over most days so that I can run some errands and clean. Thursday nights, she's been coming over in the evenings and RKZ and I have been going on dates. Awesome. 

Last Thursday, we chose the movie Neighbors. We knew that it would be juvenile and most likely a tad raunchy. We actually talked about a drinking game (again, the theater serves beer) where we drink whenever the word penis is mentioned. I am, after all, Bourgeois. And so is my husband. 

But I actually feel as though this movie marked the end of an era - the era where I can stick with a ridiculously stupid comedy for the satisfactions of a few adolescent jokes. This movie was SERIOUSLY BAD. I mean, the couple next to us walked out 3/4 of the way through. I sincerely respected them for being able to lose hope that the ending would make up for the first hour and 1/2. All I could think was how sad it is that young men might like this movie. It made me depressed about our future. It made RKZ and I have a conversation that began, "How do we keep our boys from being total douchebags like ALL of the people in this movie." 

Basically, the plot goes: drugs, whining, partying, sex, sex, gratuitous butt shots of men, drugs, drugs, immature fighting, boys wasting expensive college educations, drugs, drugs, and useless shots of Zac Ephron without a shirt. I'm even irritated writing this post. 

Vince Vaughn couldn't have saved this movie. 

At one point I turned to RKZ and said, "Isn't there a movie of 2 kids dying of cancer next door?" 

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