Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Lazy Days of Summer

Summer has been a full-time activity around here for the last three weeks (yes, CO schools are out at the end of May!) Mourning the loss of our pool at home -well, the boys mourn it and RKZ and I mourn how tired it made the boys- we have joined a local Athletic center in order to enjoy the pool there. The favorites are the giant inflatables they bring out every afternoon and the 3 foot pool for H-P to cruise in safety. 

 The big boys enjoying one of the inflatables

And we've also been spending a ton of time at local parks with friends. I just love the "summer-ness" of these shots on the tire swing.

RKZ is on a trip for work until Friday, so stay tuned for some "What I do with them on my own" posts!

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