Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Grand Budapest

Here's a quick review of the movie RKZ and I went to see last Friday night. 
It will be short because we are INSANELY busy with life these days. 
A little background: there is a theater here (it's the Alamo Theater chain) that only allows people 18 and older after 6pm. There are little tables between the seats and there is table service for dinner WITH alcohol throughout each movie. The movies are the regular offerings of popular movies. If you are a movie lover and go on dates a lot to movies - these are the theaters for you. 

So, we chose our date-night based on the theater and NOT the movie. We chose the Hotel Budapest from a list of everything else that's out there because it seemed the most fun for a date movie. We had very nominal expectations. RKZ and I are both Bourge-ish in the way that we mainly just want to be entertained for 2 hours without being preached too or propagandized or given that sick feeling in our stomachs where we look at each other and say, "What?" Of course, we don't mind if we're going to the movie for one of those feelings/lessons but I can't remember the last time we sought any of those things out. 

Here was our overwhelming take: The movie was ridiculous and campy and strange and we liked it. It is a story within a story within a story movie which was meta-fictional enough to appeal to me. It was campy and slap-stick enough that RKZ found it funny. There are some silly vulgar scenes and some silly violent scenes, so don't see it if that would bother you. Nothing lasts too long and it's not a movie that will change your life. 

If you are familiar with Wes Anderson and liked any of these movies: 
then you will like the Hotel B. 

Was it worth the $25 we spent? I think so, honestly. In that great theater setting, it was a very escapist thing to watch so we enjoyed it. 

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