Monday, May 5, 2014

First Communion for Buck

We had a great long weekend as Buck made his First (and Second) Communion. It was especially sweet because RKZ's family was able to attend. This was the first big event where Buck had both sets of Grandparents there!! 
 The Joads (Grandma and Grandpa) arrived a few days early, so we had a nice dinner at the local fondue restaurant. The boys are now hooked!
 The reservation was a bit late, so H-P was very tired and cranky, but he perked up for food.
 On Buck's big day, there are no pictures in the Church in order to keep the prayerful atmosphere, so we will receive the official pictures in a bit - but we captured the "behind the scenes" moments. Here, Fr. Juan blesses Buck's scapular and Rosary.

 We have a lovely group of Priests and Brothers at our Parish. Our favorite is a Brother named Fernando. Here, he realized he was joking around too much and decided he and Buck should have a "praying" picture too. I don't think Buck caught on.
Because our home is in the middle of renovations, we celebrated in fine Irish-Catholic style but renting out a semi-private space in a local bar to celebrate the First Communion (So Kelly-Grady of us). The kids had a booth to themselves.
and they spent a good part of the morning cheering on the Kentucky Derby (seriously).
The Duke and Duchess (Grandma and Grandpa) in a bit of a fuzzy shot. 
Can you guess which part of the dessert I hand-made? Hint: I did not bake ;) 
Even though I love to take pictures, I didn't get any of the entire family! That happens way too much when we're throwing a party. But, at least I got one of the three of us!
Cousin B loaded up on the carbs - we were so glad he was able to come! 
Another set of "new-ish" friends. Long story very short, we had some acquaintances while we lived in Canada who moved from Calgary to Denver the year we moved from Calgary to California. We contacted them we when we moved to Denver. Now, our families are becoming good friends!
Buck and his Godmother, Auntie H. 
The Grandmas enjoy the bar and the cupcakes! 
The party was very fun. Buck felt honored and only missed his California cousins about 100 times that day instead of 1000. We were so grateful to everyone who came to celebrate this very special day for Buck. We will have to celebrate again when we visit So Cal!

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