Wednesday, May 7, 2014

"I got one less problem without ya"

…by 'Ya', I mean, the small egress windows in our basement, of course. Renovations are coming along fairly quickly, actually. I'm even a few pictures behind (which I will rectify this week). The house is starting to look so different! 
 We had tiny egress windows in our basement (a firefighter, his or her gear and a child could not make it through them). 
 Now, if anyone eats enough to become the 400 lb man, he will still be able to make it out any of the windows. 
 My only fear is that a 16 year old intent on sneaking out with his friends might also be able to make it out these suckers. 

  and there is even one in the back yard!

 already playing in the window wells! The boys were excited to see their new bedroom windows (and get covered with dirt doing it).

 Interior views
These will be two of the bedrooms (probably Buck and Coo) These spaces seem so big after the bedroom all three of them are currently sharing. Sadly for RKZ, it has inspired me to think of filling the space with more kids :)

 Just for comparison, here is what the space used to look like. 
 Notice the VERY small egress windows (and the baby rocker which could be yours if you email me!) 

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