Thursday, May 8, 2014

Family Room Demo (Raising the Roof)

I mentioned yesterday that the Renovation is coming along nicely. 
 We stopped by the house yesterday (this is our house, BTW)
 and we were greeted with this in our living room. 
 The ceilings felt very low to me from the first minute we moved in - the kitchen, dining and family rooms were basically topped with a continuous flat ceiling pocked with canned lights. 

 The plan is to add new trestles to the ceiling and raise the living and new dining room ceilings about 3 feet (my math could be off here - shocker). It is amazing to see the ceiling torn off the house (in a good way. Thinking of people affected by the tornadoes right now). 
 Also, the stairs have been put into that gaping hole in the front room. There is a make-shift railing.
This is our project manager, Nick. He is a total cutie (and seems about 15 to me). He's married or I'd be offering to fly some single girlfriends out here. He's responsible for all of this mess. 

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