Friday, May 9, 2014

7 Quick Takes and a Fashion-ish Friday

Why I'm doing 7 Quick Takes Today
I have a blog that I've been following pretty regularly called conversion diary. The blogger is named Jennifer Fulwiler, and she hosts a shared post every Friday titled "7 Quick Takes." This is my first attempt at linking to her blog (because I'm new). Jennifer just released a book called Something Other than God that I found hugely interesting. I want to write a full bourge take on it in the next few days - mainly because I want a bit of time to collect my thoughts on it. Come back in a few days if you'd like to hear more. #SOTG.

Parenting is Mortifying
Yesterday, I had the SINGLE MOST MORTIFYING MOMENT of my parenting. And with three young boys at home and sailing through the world with me, that is saying something!
 Anyway, A little bit of background: my three boys are obsessed with asking philosophical questions on the way to school. They inevitably come up with some zingers. Thursday morning was all about eternal life. "Mom, why do people go to hell?" My basic answer to an 8, 5 and 3 year old? "Oh, honey, there are people who make bad choices and choose not to be with God where there is no love and no hope." That seemed to be enough for them and the day continued on.

Later, H-P (3), Coo (5) and I had to run into Starbucks to pick up a few travelers (containers holding a lot of coffee) for an end-of-the-year party at school. The staffers had forgotten about my earlier call, so we had to wait while they brewed 2 giant pots of coffee (and I learned how to breathe out my anger). My boys began acting in their normally perfectly subdued way and this ended with H-P smacking Coo across the face in full view of the entire store.

Being an ideal parent, I bent down and whispered to my three year old, "You made a really bad choice, honey. You don't get a cake pop." To which, my son begins screaming, "I don't want to go to hell!" Computers snapped shut, baristas gaped and other mothers turned away. I had instantly become the Fundamentalist Mother from (the aforementioned) hell. Thank you, Ladies and Gentlemen. The entire place was convinced I had told my toddler he was destined for the underworld. I honestly just wished I had spanked him.

Renovation Surreality
We're well into the demolition renovation of our house. Join in the odyssey here

First, Second and Third Communions
At least there are only another 100 things going on for us these days to break up the monotony of completely changing our house with renovations. I am slowly learning to dread May with all there is to do. Thankfully, this May has been saved by the excitement of Buck's First Communion. We were so glad to have a number of new friends to share in the day with us…even as Buck and I mourned our far away family and friends. I love to create imaginary family parties in my mind with all of you who couldn't be here. Maybe after that renovation.

I always promise Fashion-ish Fridays to my followers. This week, you get THREE amazing outfits!!
#1 What to Wear on Warm Spring Days

First, a "hot trend" this season (because I live the "hot trends") is SAFARI style. Funny, it looks a lot like the "camo" and "military" trends of the last few years. When I read that SAFARI style is basically anything camouflage, khaki, black or animal print, I found an old camo mini and threw it on. Hot renovating trendsetter - that's me! Not pictured: black flip-flops

Fashion-ish part 2 - What to Wear on Cold Spring Days. 
This look is a bit fuzzy and hard to see, but it's proof that I showered twice this week, so I included it.  Spring is a crazy season in Colorado. It's HOT (85F/30C) one day and really cold (43F/6C) the next. So, one day, it's SAFARI and the next it's denim and black pants. I think I threw on a scarf with this after my 5 year old got the "perfect" shot. The forecast says 100% snow on Mother's Day, Sunday, so warmer clothes are in the future for us anyway.

Fahion-ish 3 - What to Wear to a School Mother's Day tea
 I have an amazing group of paparazzi to immortalize my looks each day, they're just a little short. H-P took this shot this morning. Today is a Mother's Day tea at the pre-school, so I'm going with a boxy shirt and cigarette pants as the temperature drops for the upcoming weekend. I wear pointy black flats with nearly everything because they're comfy but more grown-up than my favorite black havaianas flip flops (which I wear most of the time anyway).

For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!

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